Come on! Warsaw is waiting to hug You!


Over 26 hours of meeting, dancing with friends and strangers from all over the world,

with Pugliese, DiSarli, and their buddies.

We start on Friday and finish on Sunday. We start in August and finish in September.



See you on the 30th of August 2024


Let's have a beautiful end to the holidays together!


Aha... check us out on social media to stay up to date with everything we are preparing for You.


We want you to get to know Warsaw and be present in its heart during these few days.

Right there, right next to the main tourist trail, there is a palace with a beautiful garden.

In this garden, there is a large, 300-square-meter glass pavilion.

The floor in this pavilion is oak, best for dancing.

There are trees, grass, birds, ants, hedgehogs all around... and we hope... you!


And again... visit our Facebook and Instagram because we will

recommend other places to visit in Warsaw.



Come prepared!


Here you can check the place on Google Maps.















ul. Foksal 2a



It's great to dance all night long, but it's also great to hide sometimes and watch others dance or

find a quiet spot for a while alone... or with someone.

That's why gardens exist. If you want to dance, you know where the dance floor is. If you want to relax...

there's a deckchair under a tree or a blanket on the grass.



Take a break from the ronda.


FRIDAY 30.08.24



welcoming milonga



SATURDAY 31.08.24



sightseeing walk with Łukasz



afternoon milonga



alternative milonga



night milonga



SUNDAY 01.09.24



vinyl milonga

DJ Kuba



afterparty milonga

DJ Guillermo


/price to be confirmed/






ul. Foksal 2a




Here you can download the programme.


We will keep who will play to ourselves, but not for long.

Soon, you will meet the wizards of the end of summer.


Lucyna makes the cakes, Dorota prepares the vegan options,

Marek crafts the low-salt cucumbers (a Polish specialty), Marta whips up the hummus,

and Łukasz creates the jams.

Tea, coffee, chamomile, sage – you make for yourself :)

Throughout the marathon, you'll find vegetables, fruits, cookies,

cakes, and other cold snacks on the table.

Grab a bite and hit the dance floor.




If you crave something warm, step outside the pavilion, take a stroll through the garden,

and within 3 minutes, you'll be in the heart of a big city where you can explore various cuisines.


Marta captures special moments. On this website, you can see photos taken by Marta

during the Warsaw Queer Tango Marathon in 2023.


You'll find more of them on our Instagram.


If you want to get to know Marta better, visit her profile.


Please fill out the form and send it to us.

We will respond to you within 14 days with information on how to pay for participation.

Make the transfer, and we'll be waiting!



The cost of the marathon is EUR 150/PLN 650.




Tango is simply a meeting.

Last year,


(together with Ula and Maja),

I co-organized the first queer tango

marathon in Poland.

This year, I am organizing

first Warsaw Queer Tango Meeting.





Lucyna dances, bakes, and hosts parties.

Last year, she was one of the driving

forces behind the homemade pastry

department. This year will be no different.

In the picture, you can see Maria

Lucyna's daughter with Łacio, a friend of Łukasz.







the best in the world.

Soon, you will get to know all of us.



see You in August.